Team At Technoxis

The strength of Technoxis is our team, we strongly emphasis on our team work. We cater to the objectives of our clients on their needs, and commit our self to the achievement of their goals. We shall pursue excellence in all of our professional endeavors and deliver value by exceeding client’s expectations by maintaining standards.

Key Roles

Parameswararao Althi | Co-founder & Project Manager

Parameswararao Althi is the Co-founder and Project Manager of Technoxis, which is established in 2009. Parmesh serving as Director (Technical) and his initial responsibilities included the management of design, development, implementation, and support of information systems for clients. Having ten years of experience in Information Technology and successfully completed good number of projects in Judiciary, Health Care and other customized applications.

Brahmeswar Gade | Co-founder & Project Manager

Brahmeswar Gade is the Co-founder and Project Manager of Technoxis. As a co-founder of the company, he was instrumental in the development of Technoxis, which established a new standard for the delivery of outsourced IT services and helped set the stage for the company’s development into a leading IT services provider. Also having nine years of experience in application development and takes vital decisions in management activities.